Management Philosophy

10 Action Guidelines as a Member of Society

  1. We shall aim to be a company that accepts diverse individual qualities and values and where people work together and pursue self-learning and self-improvement.
  2. We shall strive for the company’s sustainable growth through our innovative, proactive and prompt management. 
  3. We shall respect the basic human rights of all individuals and endeavor to create bright, safe and pleasant working environment. 
  4. We shall provide high-quality, safe products and services at appropriate prices and carry out fair and equitable business transactions. 
  5. We shall work to earn the understanding and trust of society. 
  6. We shall comply with laws and regulations and carry out fair business activities in accordance with socially accepted practices.
  7. We shall fulfill our duties to the best of our abilities in conformity with internal regulations and standards.
  8. We shall promote environmental protection and the efficient use of resources. 
  9. We shall carry out proactive public relations activities while respecting the value of information and intellectual property rights of third parties. 
  10. We shall contribute to the development of respective regions where we conduct business as a member of the international community.