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Halogen heaters for OA equipment

Halogen heaters have been long used for toner fixing purpose in copying machines and LBP (laser beam printers). In recent years, use of halogen heaters has been extended to inkjet printers, offset printers (sheet-fed printers, rotary printers) etc. Customization can also be provided to fulfill requirements of various environmental protection standards such as Energy Star.

Halogen lamp heaters

These halogen lamp heaters were developed to efficiently extract the infrared light from the halogen lamp, with more than 85% of the input power converted into heat, resulting in a very efficient energy source. Heating by halogen lamp is rich in flexibility and controllability, with excellent characteristics no other heat source can provide. Ushio's heat processing systems are used in various industrial fields such as electronic device manufacturing processes like semiconductors and LCDs, and heating of auto parts and resin materials such as CFRP.