Product Name Product Description
Ozone Deodourizer "Radica" Series

Radica series are ozone deodourizers suitable for both exisiting and newly built flats. As they can be installed independently, ozone concentration can be adjusted individually on a "per room" basis. Characteristics: 1) Outout of pure ozone Output of ozone by UV lamps to avoid releasing of Nox (nitrogen oxides) and other impurities 2) Low running cost Cold cathode lamp with inverter is used to prolong the life of lamp, thus minimize the running cost 3) Safety No manual operation is required as Radica series are programmed to operate by internal timer. Ozone concentration can be preset in advance according to the actual area of the flat and odour level.

Uruorich Air Purifying Humidifier

Uruorich is a commerical air purifier and humidifier. It can be easily installed without additional electric and drainage works. One Uruorich is capable to provide humidfying and air purifying effect to area up to 1,500 square feet. With casters underneath, Uruorich can be moved easily from one place to another. Uruorich is suitable for various facilities, such as common area of hospitals, clinics, and welfare facilities, offices, on-spot humidifying at factories, galleries etc.